OMEGA 500 breath shield

OMEGA 500 breath shield (single)

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, this breath shield has been developed exclusively for the HEINE OMEGA 500 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope to cover the mouth, nose and chin area. It provides a clear view through the ophthalmoscope during examinations thanks to a cut-out on the optics. The breath shield is made from lightweight, rigid material for a comfortable fit and is easy to attach to the instrument. There is no contact between the wearer’s nose and the breath shield and all the controls on the ophthalmoscope are freely accessible, The OMEGA 500 with the breath shield attached can be charged directly on the EN 50 UNPLUGGED wall-mounted charging station.

Click here for the OMEGA 500 breath shield cleaning and disinfection instructions.

This breath shield will reduce the potential risk of infection, however while the breath shield protects part of the wearer’s face from exposure, it does not provide a complete shield to protect against contact with infectious airborne droplets, therefore HEINE advises that additional protective equipment must also be worn.

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