Slide Sets

Set of 12 pairs of slides for 2001 Synoptophore
The Synoptophore slide sets contain 12 sets of complementary slides which can be used with any of the Clement Clarke Synoptophore models. They contain some of the most commonly requested slides and offer fantastic value for money. Two slide sets are available.  
The first set is for the 2001 Synoptophore and consists of slide numbers D3/4, D55/56, D59/60, D71/72, F9/10, F99/100, F155/156, F201/202, G3/4, G13/14, G27/28, G59/60.
The second set is for the 2002 & 2003 Synoptophore and consists of slide numbers D5/6, D51/52, D61/62, D71/72, F31/32, F71/72, F81/82, F177/178, G15/16, G47/48, G55/56, G65/66.
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