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HS-UK is one of the UK's leading manufacturers and distributors of medical devices to professionals in the orthoptic, optometry and ophthalmic sectors.
Specialising in large diagnostic equipment such as; slit lamps, biometers, perimeters, OCT devices and lasers, HS-UK has distributorships for some leading brands, such as; Haag-Streit Diagnostics, Clement Clarke Ophthalmic, Optovue, Meridian and Haag-Streit Simulation. 
HS-UK designs and manufactures its own gold-standard devices such as the; Synoptophore, BA904 portable slit lamp, Perkins tonometer and Tonosafe tonometer prisms. It boasts a comprehensive product portfolio, including; prisms, lenses, vision tests, fixation bars/cubes, occluders, retinoscopes and ophthalmoscopes. HS-UK has distributorships with key brands such as; Welch Allyn, Fresnel, Kay Stickers and Volk.
A selection of HS-UK’s best-selling products can be found in this e-shop. Please note, due to Worldwide distributor agreements, these products are only available for online purchase, via this e-shop, in the UK only.
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